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Beginning in January 2020, Global Health Studies advising procedures will be streamlined. All appointments will still be made using vCita, though some processes will no longer require an appointment.

What kind of advising do you need?



Declaration of adjunct major or minor

If you would like to declare the adjunct major or the minor, please attend one of the weekly drop-in meetings with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). During this small-group session, the DUS will provide an overview of the curriculum and course requirements, and you will have the opportunity to ask general questions. You will leave this meeting with a signed declaration form, which you will then take to the WCAS Advising office for processing.

Sign up for a group adjunct major/minor declaration appointment here.


Northwestern or Northwestern-affiliated study abroad program form signature

If you are a WCAS student completing Weinberg College Department Approval for Study Abroad Form, you should plan to have GHS be your last signature. Please note: Under “First Choice Program” and “Second Choice Program,” you must list the names of the classes (not just the course numbers). All students are strongly advised to have a second-choice program listed, as entry into the first choice program is not guaranteed. Having a second choice listed facilitates your timely completion of the study abroad requirement.

Drop your completed form off in the basket at the reception desk of 1800 Sherman Suite 1-200 before Thursday at 5pm of the week you want the form signed. If the form is complete, the DUS will sign off and the program will send a scanned version back via email.


Transfer of course credit taken abroad form signature

If you are completing the Petition for NU Credit for Courses Taken Abroad, leave the completed form – with syllabi and transcripts attached – in the basket at the reception desk of 1800 Sherman Suite 1-200 before Thursday at 5pm of the week you want the form signed. Pick up the signed hard copy of this form after Friday at noon the same week it was dropped off.


Northwestern or Northwestern-affiliated study abroad advising

As you’re planning your study abroad experience – whether you’re researching program options, determining possible courses to complete, or have questions about financial aid – you should generally start by meeting with the Global Learning Office (GLO). The DUS is generally unable to answer these kinds of questions, and GLO has numerous resources available to help you decide programs of interest, or to tell you about timelines and programs other GHS students have pursued.
Head to the Global Learning Office’s website to make an appointment.


Non-Northwestern or unaffiliated study abroad petition or advising

The main instance in which a GHS student would need to meet with a DUS about study abroad is if they are interested in participating in a non-Northwestern/unaffiliated program and are seeking guidance on whether a given program would meet the GHS study abroad requirements. In this case, the DUS will assess the program in advance of a student submitting their application.

Generally, the criteria for non-NU or non-NU-affiliated study abroad programs are as follows:

  1. The program is primarily course-based. Generally, internships or volunteering are not counted towards the GHS study abroad requirement. Exceptions are for internships that have a significant course requirement with a minimum amount of contact hours accompanying the internship.
  2. Suggested courses are health-related, broadly construed.
  3. The courses in the study abroad program are region or area-specific, in that they’re specifically about the place where the student will undertake the study abroad, rather than general courses that don’t teach about the specific context. Courses should provide a deep dive into the context where a student studies.

If opting for a non-affiliated or non-NU study abroad program, you should ensure your program meets the above requirements before meeting with the DUS. GLO may be able to assist students to find non-NU or -affiliated programs prior to meeting with the DUS. You may then make an advising appointment with the DUS. Ultimately, any non-NU or non-affiliated programs are approved via a petition process. If you are interested in these kinds of study abroad options, it is best to start the process as early as possible.


Petitioning to graduate and confirming student records in CAESAR

If you need the DUS’s signature to complete your petition to graduate, you should schedule a general advising for a final check that you’ve completed all requirements and ensure that all course credits are displaying properly in CAESAR.

Make a general advising appointment here.


All other advising

Questions that don’t fall into the above categories can be addressed in a 15-minute, one-on-one general advising session. Topics that fall under general advising may include:

Make a general advising appointment here.

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